When your house is a home for tiny humans a.k.a. children, it is necessary that it is well-planned, appropriate and fitting for their growth and development. The environment plays a big role for their learning because this is where they acquire stimulation and information from. For the floor, it is recommended that wall to wall carpets are installed to cover the entire floor space of their rooms. The following are noted to be the benefits of having carpets installed if you have little kids.


Carpets allow small children to crawl and explore their surroundings. As mentioned earlier, as growing individuals, they learn a lot from their environment, thus allowing them to move freely makes them gain more learning. They can also tumbler and play with their toys without the fear of hurting themselves in the process. Carpets can also serve as cushion for small children who are learning to walk and jump because it acts as softens the impact in case they fall over.


Carpets are also found to absorb sound unlike uncarpeted floors and walls that tend to bounce off sounds faster. Because of how it is made, it serves as an underlay that reduces vibrations that travel through air and the ground. Generally, too much loud noise can also be reduced, which is actually another plus if you have babies and small kids because it causes them less stress.


A good warm floor surface is provided by carpets compared to wooden and tiled floors. This form of light insulation gives comfort to children who are not yet experts in regulating their body temperatures unlike adults. Carpets provide warmth especially during the winter or cold season.

Along with the benefits of using carpets, it is a must that these fixtures remain as clean as possible especially when small children are around because they are sensitive and are high risk for having health issues if carpets are left unclean.

Sensitive skin

Small children especially infants and toddlers have very sensitive skin. Dust and particles may accumulate in the carpets, as well as other allergens which can cause skin irritation to kids. Skin irritation is characterized by redness, visible bumps or heaves and warmth on the area. This can cause dryness and itchiness which can cause kids to be restless and uncomfortable.

Harbors microorganisms and allergens

Unclean carpets can be a breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, minute insects and even parasites that can cause different illnesses. It is important to have the carpets carefully and thoroughly cleaned and then sanitized to make sure these microorganisms do not thrive. Allergens such as dust mites and animal dander can also attach to carpets, which, if left unclean, will cause respiratory or skin allergies especially to small children.

Odor and stains

With small children, accidents can occur frequently – be it with food spills, potty accidents, and some other incidents. These spills and accidents can cause stains and odors that adhere to the carpet which can be difficult to clean up after especially if the area has already dried up. Aside from spot cleaning when such incidents happen, it is also important to do regular cleaning in order to make sure that remaining stains and odors become completely eliminated.

There are several reason mentioned earlier which justifies why carpets are very helpful for families especially those with small children. It is just empirical to make sure that these materials are regularly cleaned and maintained to be sanitized and odorless. Carpet Cleaning Santee will help you make sure that your home is the best place for your children to grow up smart and healthy.