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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture can be worn out over time especially when your living areas are always used by your family, especially your kids and pets, and your friends. People and pets can bring dust and dirt to your home, which is left in upholstery and carpets. Aside from that, pollen, germs, food pieces and stains can be accumulated in them. It is very important to keep your upholstered furniture clean to help contribute to a healthy living area in your home.

There are some ways to keep your upholstery clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner and run the upholster nozzle on the surface in a left to right overlapping method to make sure all the area is cleaned. The creases and small corners should also be focused on because this is where other bigger dirt and even small items can be found. The process of sudsing, or the use of soap suds instead of the actual soap solution being scrubbed on the surface of the upholstery, can also be helpful. Spot cleaning can also be done by using more concentrated suds or mild solutions to remove unwanted stains. Doing the cleaning yourself may save you a lot of money but it can also have its disadvantages. Your method of cleaning can do more harm to your upholstery because of the different types of textile and cloth that requires varying methods of cleaning. It also cannot be assured that odor, microbes and smaller particles may not be removed completely.

Finding a professional upholstery cleaners is the most convenient and practical way to make sure your furniture are clean and free from all unwanted dirt. Our Santee carpet cleaning company provides the most economical way of cleaning your upholster. The chemicals we use are high-quality, effective and safe for kids and pets. Our products are also applicable for all types of fabric and leaves no residue so there is no risk of damaging your furniture.

There are also available protectants that restore the original fiber of the fabric that prevent re-soiling and staining from spills and other sources of grime and lengthens the time to require recleaning. Our services also involve removing common allergens and sanitize your furniture to remove bacteria and virus that may likely cause health problems in your household. If you have pets, dander from their fur shedding will also be removed.

Because furniture upholstery can absorb pet odors and stains immediately, it a must that no pet by-product remains on the furniture to avoid recurring of accidents by your pets. Another aim of our cleaning service is to effectively eliminate odor and not just mask them with the scents that come from our products.

Professional cleaning services will make sure that furniture are spotless, odorless and free from all unwanted dirt and substances. Trained cleaners also know how to deal with different types of fabric materials, stains and other issues and they perfectly address them without imposing or risking any damage.

We know that you value your furniture because these are considered as investments or they have incomparable values because of family hand me downs. Our main goal is to keep them clean and protected to extend their integrity. Overall, we aim to leave your home looking and feeling fresh, tidy and comfortable to live in.

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