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Carpet Cleaning Santee offers the best professional cleaning services in the city for your entire house including your carpets, upholstery and tiles and grout. Here are some of the high-quality services that we offer.

Tiles and Grout

Tiles and grout are one sometimes overlooked in terms of cleaning and management. They are the common grounds of accumulation and growth of bacteria, as well as molds and mildew, that is why it is very necessary to keep them clean.

Our cleaners use high quality cleaning materials that are safe to use and do not leave any foul odors, unlike the household cleaners in do-it-yourself cleaning that may smell funny after. We also use very efficient and functional equipment  such as high-powered pressure washers for the option of deeper grout cleaning. with the use of can also be availed.

Our professional cleaners will help you reduce your risk of you damaging your pressure surfaces because certain chemical used in household cleaning can 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can easily be cleaned especially from your pets’ accidents if it is still new or wet. However, if you missed the incident and found out that your carpets have become soiled and it is now dry, professional cleaners are of great help.

To avoid further damage to your furniture, the process of extraction or wet-vacuum is used. Instead of scrubbing the soiled area, extraction in carpet and upholstery involves rinsing the soiled area with water and is then dried up using a suction process. The carpet or upholster is left clean and dry to be used again. Kid- and pet-friendly chemicals are used instead of the harsh cleaners that are easily available in the market.

No foul odor are left to avoid further accidents by your pets because we use high-quality odor neutralizers. Our trained cleaners also know how to

Upholstery Cleaning

Just like how we clean carpets, we use extractor to vacuum clean upholstery in a very systematic, unidirectional way on surfaces. Using the upholster nozzle, we sweep the entire area clean leaving, including button placements and each little crevice in your furniture leaving them undirty.

Using also safe cleaners applicable for all types of upholstery fabric our cleaners know how to treat each type of fabric when spot cleaning and sudsing – a process that uses soap suds instead of the actual soap solution when scrubbing on stain spots. Fabric protectants that prevent resoiling are used to preserve the integrity of your furniture.

Our services also include eliminating odor and sanitizing your upholstery to free from the common allergens, bacteria and viruses.

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