Pets are family that is why they should also be considered when deciding for what to get and what to do in your home. Having carpets and upholstered furniture at home, it is important to have take extra effort in training your pets to do potty on designated areas of the house to avoid potty accidents. These accidents are the most common causes of stain and odor in carpeted floors and upholster. Although there are many ways that you can remove them on your own – such as using vinegar, baking soda and other household cleaning materials – hiring a professional cleaner is still one of the best ways to get make sure your carpets are free from stains and odors.

Pet urine and feces are considered organic matter, meaning they contain high levels of carbon. Organic matter, including tea and coffee, are much more difficult to remove using commercially available carpet cleaners or dirt removers. Stains that are caused by organic materials require special solutions that address to remove them specifically. This is one of the reasons why even if you perform spot cleaning and regular cleaning of your carpets, there is no guarantee that stains and odors caused by animal accidents are completely eliminated. Another factor that needs to be considered is time. The longer the stains are left to dry, the better it sets and the more difficult it can be removed. Pet urine can also penetrate beneath the carpet into the subflooring. This can also damage the hardwood, tiles or concrete when the carpets are placed. Again, the longer it is left unattended, the deeper it can penetrate therefore possibly more damage can be done.

It can also be taken into consideration that the odor that is expelled by urine and feces can be a cause of more frequent accidents. Remember than when potty training your pets, their odor should be contained in areas where they are supposed to go pee or poo. When they accidentally urinate in carpets or upholstered furniture, which is not attended immediately, the stain can give a signal to your pets that it is okay to pee there again. The quicker that the stain is removed, the more you can prevent another accident. When urine dries, the water evaporates urine crystals are left which has a stronger and more pungent smell not only for humans but also becomes more attractive for pets.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners to remove pet stains and odors is your best decision to help extend the life of your carpets and keep your house clean. These companies send their trained cleaners to inspect and assess the type of carpets, the extent and degree of stain penetration and damage, the necessary needs before proceeding with the cleaning process. The next step involves the appropriate technique of deep cleaning, such as a dry vacuuming or wet extraction process. When excess urine crystals and other liquid residue are removed, odor removal products are used by the carpet cleaning companies to make sure that the pungent smell is not only masked but completely eliminated. The product is allowed to penetrate even up to the carpet pad subflooring to make sure that even those surfaces are addressed.

One of the benefits of hiring the best carpet cleaners is that they are trained and well knowledgeable about the cleaning process that they do. Their goal is to make sure that all the stains and odors are removed from your carpets including upholstered furniture. Most companies use kid- and pet-safe products so that is one thing that you should worry about. Some companies also offer carpet protectant, which are extra layers of coating to prevent easy staining of your carpets, and extends the life of your carpets.

Because pets are family, we should take extra effort to provide for their needs as well. Retraining them to avoid accidents will definitely help prevent stains and odors. However, if it still happens, just remember to call your local carpet cleaning company, spend a little investment and help with your needs to make sure that your home is clean and smelling fresh all day.