The most frequently asked questions of carpet owners: how often should I get my carpets generally cleaned?

If you are a very responsible carpet owner and do regularly vacuuming and spot cleaning of your wall-to-wall carpets at home, then you are one step ahead in making sure that you are keeping it clean. On the other hand, these methods are just not enough to totally consider you carpets dirt-free and sanitized.

On a general rule, carpets are to be professionally cleaned on a yearly basis, or even every two years depending on the placement of the carpet. However, there are several factors that reduce the interval of professional carpet cleaning.

1. Traffic. The more traffic, the dirtier your carpets will be. More people bring soil and dust to the carpet that is why busier areas, such as main entrance and hallways, will definitely be more dirty than the carpets in the rest of the house. Carpets that are situated along these areas can be cleaned every 6 to 9 months interval.

2. Kids. They have a tendency to go in and out of the house more frequently than older adults as well. Some of the kids like to play outdoors therefore bringing more soil, dirt and even microorganisms along with them. Older kids who like to play tend to be more mobile around the house because they usually run around across and along rooms. The younger kids usually practice walking and tumbling and crawling on carpets which may also cause disruption in the integrity of the carpets. Kids tend to have accidents, especially those who are not yet potty trained. They also spill food, drinks and even their toys such as play dough, markers and slime which cause stains and odors on carpets. Households with at least four kids can increase their frequency of carpet cleaning to up to twice a year.

3. Pets. Your pets, like your kids, are the major sources of dirt and stains in carpets. Aside from having potty accidents, animal dander can stick to carpet fibers. Your favorite fur babies can also carry some minute insects and pests like dust mites, ticks and fleas that may also accumulate in the carpet. Sometimes, these pests may form colonies in the carpets and their padding. Animal dander is also considered a very common allergen that is why it is very important to regularly have your carpets cleaned, sanitize and eliminate the microorganisms and dander that have accumulated. Homeowners with pets should have their carpets cleaned at least every 6 months or less.

4. Stains and Odors. When your carpet have stains, there are easy steps that you could do to remove them. However, there are some types of stains that are difficult to remove that such would require multiple spot cleaning sessions. There are also some types of stains that set to the carpet fibers quick. The longer a stain stays, the most likely it will cause some odors and the more difficult it will be to be eliminated. When these happens, there might be a need to schedule a deep cleaning from a professional carpet cleaner faster than your usual interval.

5. Warranty. When you purchase your carpet, inquire with the manufacturer about its warranty. There are some companies that offer free maintenance cleaning services within a year after purchase, otherwise the offer will not be valid. This free maintenance services vary per company so make sure you ask about it. This will help reduce the frequency to have your carpets cleaned when there is a need.

Again, as a general rule, a yearly professional cleaning service is a norm. When you have any of the factors mentioned above, you may want to increase your frequency of having your carpets cleaned. Clean and odor-free carpets have lots of benefits so make sure to religiously attend to your cleaning schedules to have a tidy, fresh-smelling home that is comfortable to live in.