What do our sinuses do?

Our sinuses are the sacs or cavities that are located within the bones and tissues within the nasal area of the skull, hence it is more commonly called as the paranasal sinuses . The main functions of the nasal sinuses are to allow voice for resonance and and add moisture to the air the is inhaled through the nasal passages. They help filter the air and remove unwanted particles and microorganisms from the sinus cavities.

SInusitis is a condition in which one or more of the paired paranasal sinus or cavities become inflamed. Sinusitis can cause pressure often experienced in the cheek area, in between and around the eyes and the nose, on the temples of the head. This also causes severe headache is many cases.

Sinus problems can be attributed to many factors, such as the following:

Untreated Allergies

Untreated allergies are the most common factor that leads to the development of sinus infections. These allergies are caused by allergens found in the air we breathe. Most common allergies are caused by dust mites, pollen, animal dander, smoke, dust particles and strong odors and fragrances.

Frequent Nasal Congestion

Frequent nasal congestion caused by viruses and bacteria also lead to frequent sinus problems. This is because the lining and the nasal tissues become damaged through sloughing and frequent change in their integrity.

Dry Air

Dry air can also cause sinus problems as they tend to dry out the paranasal sinuses as well. They carry more particulates and less moisture which can also cause irritation and discomfort to the cavities. Dry air can be more common in airplanes, because the air inside the aircraft are just being filtered and reused, and in areas with very high temperature and low humidity.


Other causes of sinus problems may result from trauma to the face or head in general and some genetic and existing medical causes like extreme hypersensitivity or low immune status.

There has been an ongoing debate whether carpets cause sinus problems. What was stated above were the common causes and although carpets may harbor some of the items mentioned above, as long as they are kept clean, no harm can be done to your health.

Carpets can help with the status of your overall health so long as they are kept clean. They help with the regulation of the temperature and moisture in a room. This helps you maintain warmth in the air and other floors and helps in lessening the feeling of being cold or chilly. With this, your immune system can regulate normal processes and not be provoked to work against infections.

There are different packages in professional cleaning offered to help you with your needs. The usual deep cleaning services involves removing of stains and odors by breaking down the proteins that attach them to carpet surfaces. They do not usually remove mold and microorganisms in the surfaces. There is another procedure that gets rid of them.

The sanitizing services involve the use of special cleaners that are designed to not only clean the fibers of the carpets but to also kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. These cleaners contain acidic ingredients that are hostile to these things but are also designed not to leave unwanted odors or foul smells.

Professional cleaning services also offer applying layers of protective product that coats the fibers of the carpets in order to prevent attachment of house and dust mites and other materials that causes dirt in the carpets. This prevents spills and accidents from digging into the carpet further.

It can be established that although there are a lot of causes of sinus problems, clean carpets are definitely not one of them. As long as your carpets are tidy, sanitized and free from all these dirt, you can be assured that carpets are still beneficial for your health and your overall lifestyle. To get  your clean carpets call us today to book.